Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship? Yes

Can we pick up animals in person? Yes. Contact me by emailing
( or by calling 516-236-1882 and arrange a pick up at my facility.

How much is shipping? Shipping is always at a flat rate of $49.

Do you ship outside the US? No. We only ship to the continental United States.

Do you ship during extreme weather conditions? We do not ship if temps are below
30F or above 92F.

What type of packaging do the animals come in? Snakes are shipped in deli cups or
bags with padding inside a Styrofoam box with additional padding. Boxes are packed
with heat packs when temps are under 60 degrees.

Are the animals shipped in unmarked boxes? In accordance with Florida Fish and
Wildlife, animals are shipped in white boxes with red lettering that states “Live Harmless
Reptiles” the package also shows the quantity of snake, the scientific name, and
common name of the animal.

Do you sell venomous reptiles? We do not sell venomous reptiles, endangered, or
prohibited species.

Do you have a live arrival guarantee? All of our reptiles are shipped with a “live
arrival” guarantee.

How are live arrival guarantee claims processed? In the unlikely event of a DOA, we
require the recipient to provide a photo of the shipping box, the shipping label and the
DOA animal on its back. Pictures can be sent via email to or sent by
text to 516-236-1882.

Need Help? Call us at +1 516 236 1882